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Aerated Concrete Floor Technology
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Speed and simplicity of the CUPOLEX system reduces building cycle times therefore saves time and money
Click on the following picture to see how relatively simple it is to install CUPOLEX Dome Systems.
Speed and simplicity
(ACT) Stuart Archer Constructions. Time Lapse courtesy of MBA Canberra
On your engineered design there will be a starting set out point clearly indicated.
Each CUPOLEX® form has an installation arrow. These must all point in the same direction.
From the starting dome, place from left to right working down in rows.
Once installed as per the plan, the mesh sits on top of the domes and the rebar sits on spacers in the beams.
Pouring and finishing of the slab in the conventional manner taking care to "foot" the domes before pouring beams.
3-5m³ less concrete than a polystyrene system for a typical 150m² concrete slab
Installation of Cupolex Products
CUPOLEX® is fast and easy to install. On average two labourers can install 150m² per hour.
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