Vapor Intrusion Protection
With CUPOLEX®, Designers, Builders and Developers can provide cost effective pre-emptive mitigation control
measures in new buildings and homes while saving concrete usage, reducing building cycle time and minimizing
engineered fill requirements.
Even when soil and groundwater standards are met at some sites, vapours of volatile chemicals can migrate along
subsurface pathways and find their way into neighbouring buildings at levels that compromise indoor air quality.
Long time exposure to such chemicals can potentially have damaging effects on human health. The extent and
likelihood of adverse human health effects are dependent on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the
concentration of the contaminant and the duration of exposure. When a contaminant concentration in indoor air is
high, it may be possible to detect it by a telltale odour, and the need for remediation can be recognized early and
applied. However, in instances where concentrations are low and not readily discernable, the determination of the
need for remediation is more challenging.    Source: ITRC (Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council).
CUPOLEX® having a air void under the foundation lends itself perfectly for the venting of these harmful gases out
of the building envelope and into the external atmosphere.
Radon gas is only an issue near Uranium mining areas in Australia however methane gas emissions are more
The CUPOLEX® system allows Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's), Radon Gas and humidity or moisture to be
passively vented away from the slab.

Developments built on former dump sites with high levels of methane or areas with high levels of thermal activity
are particularly suited to the use of CUPOLEX®.

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